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Richard Hughes
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Exotic Stack Off  and Sanctioned Event by GCR


Dog booths with more than 4 dog maximum per 10×10 booth will have to pay the difference and is strictly in-forced.

10X10 BOOTH – $175
Includes 3 Passes / 4 Chairs / 1 Table / 4 Dog MAXIMUM

10X20 BOOTH – $350
Includes 6 Passes / 6 Chairs / 2 Tables / 8 Dog MAXIMUM

10X30 BOOTH – $525
Includes 8 Passes / 8 Chairs / 4 Tables / 12 Dog MAXIMUM

10X40 BOOTH – $700
Includes 12 Passes / 10 Chairs / 6 Tables / 16 Dog MAXIMUM

Dog Booth Options


1. Only bring your pet along if it is well behaved, non-aggressive and doesn’t get stressed out in crowded, stimulating and noisy situations. Your pet will be exposed to dogs barking, people speaking loudly on microphones, crowds clapping and attendees cheering. You know your pet best, so please use your best judgment to make sure that your pet will enjoy the expo just as much as you will.

2. While we have a number of staff members who are always carefully watching the crowds and pets to ensure everyone stays safe, it only takes a second for a dog bite to occur. Please review safe dog (and all pets, for that matter) greeting behaviors with your children before attending the show. Remind your child to always ask the owner’s permission to pet an animal, allow the calm pet to sniff their hands and then they should gently pet the animal’s chest, chin or back (not the top of its head), speaking calmly and quietly to the pet. Children should never “stare down” a dog, jump on it, grab it from behind or scream at it. If a dog is hyper and won’t sit for the owner, walk away and don’t allow your child to pet the dog. Sometimes the most well behaved pets can be startled, especially if they are already over-stimulated from such an exciting event.

3. Bring cash. There are many opportunities for shopping and donations and some rescue groups may not accept credit cards. There is an ATM on site as well.

4. Pace yourself! It’s a long day and there are many things to see. Make sure you take periodic breaks and give your pet a chance to rest – or step out of the venue for a few moments of quiet – if you plan to stay all day.

5. If you are interested in adopting a pet, the Adoption area could be just what you’re looking for, plus the majority of rescue groups have pets in their booths too. Pets will be available for adoption.

6. There will be pet clean-up teams at the event but you’ll also be given bags for your pet’s waste pick-up when you enter. Please be kind and pick up after your pet.



Area Hotel Information
Please make your reservations early.  This is a busy weekend in Dallas.
Always verify with hotel about pet policies at time of making reservation


Sheraton Suites Market Center,
2101 Stemmons Freeway, Dallas 75207 – (214) 747-3000
  • Dogs over 80 lbs, check with Manager


Quality Inn Dallas Market Center,
1955 Market Center Blvd, Dallas, 75207 – (214) 747-9551


Marriott Suites Dallas Market Center,
2493 N Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, 75207 – (214) 905-0050
  • $100 non-refundable pet deposit.


Residence Inn by Marriott Dallas Market Center,
 6950 N Stemmons Freeway, Dallas 75247 – (214) 631-2472


Crowne Plaza Market Center,
7050 Stemmons Freeway, Dallas 75247 – (214) 630-8500
  • $25 refundable pet deposit


Comfort Inn and Suites Market Center,
7138 N Stemmons Freeway, Dallas 75247 – (214) 461-2677


Radisson Hotel Dallas Love Field,
1241 W Mockingbird Lane, Dallas 75247 – (214) 630-7000


Hawthorn Suites Dallas Market Center,
7900 Brookriver Drive, Dallas 75247 – (214) 688-1010


Red Roof Dallas Market Center,
1550 Empire Central Drive, Dallas 75235 – (214) 638-5151


Candlewood Suites Dallas Market Center,
7930 North Stemmons Frwy, Dallas 75247 – (214) 631-3333
  • $75 non-refundable pet deposit.


La Quinta Inn NW Highway,
2380 West Northwest Highway, Dallas 75220 – (214) 904-9955
  • Pets up to 25 lbs.


Marriott Courtyard Dallas Market Center,
2150 Market Center Blvd, Dallas 75207 – (214) 653-1166


Quality Inn & Suites (I35 & Walnut Hill Lane),
 2421 Walnut Hill Lane, Dallas 75229 – (972) 484-3330
  •  Pet fee


Comfort Inn and Suites (I35 & Walnut Hill Lane),
10835 Composite Drive Walnut, Dallas 75220 – (214) 358-4300